Using SEO Content Strategies For Local Businesses February 13, 2011

For many business owners, utilizing SEO strategies is now considered a viable way of attracting potential customers seeking products and services in local markets. With any campaign or offer that’s focused on leveraging search engines to generate targeted traffic, crafting quality content should be a top priority.

The common denominators of most search engine optimization initiatives are: creating quality content, content depth, and the frequency in which content is delivered. Many businesses feel that a “flashy” site may attract visitors and potential customers, but they often overlook the value of content creation and distribution to enhance search engine reach. Managing on-page elements will only get a local business so far if new links are not being generated internally. Fresh and interesting content is not only valuable to users, but also valuable to search engines for indexing and categorization purposes.

A simple method that more local businesses should get in the habit of is documenting the news and happenings of their business by blogging creatively. If you’re an automotive detailing company, it’s smart to take pictures that showcase your work with an article that’s easy to read, keyword optimized, and descriptive in nature. If your business sells custom floral arrangements, the same methods can be applied. Buyers in local markets make decisions based on proof of concept so building trust through content is key.

It’s also important to be aware that URL structures can be derived from the nature of business that’s being conducted or the geographical location where a transaction or activity took place. The likelihood of your clients sharing links on social networks when your content pertains to them specifically, can work wonders for any business.

The Link Builders take a different approach than most SEO agencies as we’re focused on understanding the goals and objectives of our clients business before recommending a strategy. Depending on the demand of a local product or service, origination of new business can be realized entirely from search engines in some cases. This explains why savy Internet marketers and SEO agencies are outranking many local businesses (intentionally) on search engines for the purposes of lead generation and monetization.

Search engine optimization strategies should be considered by all local businesses regardless of industry as both competitors and independent marketers have become proactive and often aggressive with link building efforts to rank for desirable keywords. Search engine presence is not only lucrative but critical to the long term success of any business as users are reliant on search engines (including search on mobile devices) to obtain information or influence purchasing decisions. Content development, link building strategies, and SEO initiatives are critical to the long term sustainability of any local businesses.

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Nick Cuttonaro

Nicholas Cuttonaro is an Internet Marketing professional specializing in search engine optimization, lead generation, and online reputation management.

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