Things To Think About With Google Author Rank May 15, 2012

If you’ve been reading about SEO lately you’ve seen a million things about Author Rank with Google. I love Author Rank because it helps to build your brand since your picture is next to the SERP listing. It can also help you rank blog posts easier as well. Author Rank is also extremely easy to set up. The issue is that Author Rank could actually hurt you at the same time if you’re not aware certain considerations.

Link Farming: If you use Author Rank for all of your sites, especially within the same niche, you have now shown Google that you have a network of relevant sites. You have now shown them that you own these sites and could be using them to gain better rankings. If Google finds this, they can consider it a link farm or manipulative in nature and diminish the value from the links placed within those sites. This is something you definitely want to think about it with respect to Author Rank.

Circles Of Trust: Think about who’s in your circles and if you can trust them. One thing you also do by listing all of your sites in your Google+ account to set up your Author Rank is give them exposure to anyone in your circles. If they know you are successful or think you are, they now have access to all of your listed sites and some of them may try to scrape the content you have written or “scrutinize” your strategies. Not only can this hurt you, but you gave your sites away and may have influenced potential competitors to recognize a unique or profitable niche. Before you add your sites to Google+, think about who is in your circles and if you would be willing to risk your site being scraped, analyzed, etc.

Hurting Your Quality Sites: If you’re not worried about the two considerations listed above, the next thing you should think about is the quality of each of your sites and the content presented on the sites. If you write or post “spammy” articles or blog posts and mix those in with your quality sites, all of the sudden Author Rank may tell Google that although you are an expert in your field and write great content, you may also not be as good as they thought. This could potentially hurt you in the long run as you may not get to rank as well for your quality sites because of the lower quality sites you have in your account or have promoted in the past.

Author Rank is something that is tricky and you really have to consider when you are choosing what sites you want to list. It can definitely benefit you and help to build your brand, but it can also hurt you and your websites as it’s an “identity” platform that’s linked to you personally.

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Adam Riemer (http://www.adamriemer.me) is an online marketer with over 10 years experience. He’s an Affiliate and runs an Affiliate Management Company the helps companies with their marketing strategies.

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