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The biggest challenge that many SEO companies have with their vendors when running link building campaigns is accountability. Understanding the cause and effect relationships between applying strategies and methods within your campaign and seeing how those efforts translate into higher search engine rankings and profitability has historically lacked.

Have no fear – although we usually blog about themes or topics in SEO, we could not go on (with a clear conscience!) and continue to use this daily web-based rank tracker without singing its praises. A relatively new product on the market is Microsoft Masters – Reliable and Accurate SERP Tracking for SEO Professionals.

A Different Kind of Rank Tracker

What makes this SERP tracker different than the rest? Well, for starters, it tracks rankings daily. Yes, daily. How many of us at agencies or as vendors have been asked by a co-worker or client to see the SERP impacts from social bookmarks that were created last weekend, or how a new blog post released yesterday is affecting rankings today? You would be staring at that person with drool running down your chin with your eyeballs crossed if you were still using a SERP tracker that updates weekly.

Not the case with Microsite Masters!

Not only do you have daily updates for multiple campaigns across multiple search engines, but you can add notes to reflect applied strategies (and associated costs) into attractive graphs so both you and your clients can see the cause and effect relationships between strategies and SERP movements.

Cost reduction is just one of the many bi-products from the visual tracking aspects of being able to monitor expenses on a per-keyword basis within Microsite Masters.


Why it Works for The Link Builders

Let’s be honest… a rank tracker is not just a rank tracker for some agencies and serious SEO professionals. Pretty bells and whistles can be placed inside of a user interface to make one slightly better than another, but over time other rank trackers on the market will leave you with a sense that “something’s missing”.

The creators of Microsite Masters recognized the need for more depth in terms of accountability. Hallelujah!

Are you managing multiple vendors? How about utilizing different types of links? Tracking hundreds or thousands of keywords? Yeah, they’ve got that. Here is why Microsite Masters works for us:


Unlimited domains. Even if you decided to sign up for the “Mom’s Basement” plan (props for the awesome, shame-filled name!) You would still be allowed to track an unlimited amount of domains. As their plans go up in price, the amount of keywords you can track will increase too.

Pretty Graphs That Are Easy to Read. Green = Google, Red = Yahoo, Blue = Bing. Even my 89-year old uncle can understand that! Not happy with their color selections? Feel free to change them to the colors of your choice. Adding notes to highlight an action placed on one of your tracked keywords? That’s what the black dots are for.

The Whole Daily Tracking Thing. Did we mention how much this rank tracker rocks? We add notes to our link building campaigns daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Yes, that’s how we roll. We’re also not the most patient people in the world, and neither are our clients. Being able see SERP movements reflected every day makes us better at what we do.

ROI and SERP Impacts Shown and Addressed. With this SERP tracker you can better determine ROI and associated SERP impacts delivered from specific providers and vendors and cut the fat from those who aren’t adding value to your bottom line. Determining SERP efficiency when compared to dollars spent over time has never been easier.

URL Exports: Imagine being able to send a URL to a client to an industry friend bragging about your SERP gains? With Microsite Masters this is a reality. Example here: Microsite Masters Dynamic Exports

OK, now for the stuff we think is just freaking cool.


1. The Scoreboard: At a glance, you can see your top and negative performing keywords on Google, as well as how much they’ve increased or decreased over the past day.

2. PDF and .CSV exports: Add your own image or your client’s logo through their white label reporting feature. Enough said.

3. Support In Multiple Countries: You can now track every single one of your keywords in multiple countries inside of one platform. Microsite Masters currently provides tracking in 11 countries as of January 2012. Who knows where they’ll stop!

Needless to say, Microsite Masters is a rank tracker that we’ll be using for quite some time. The need for a daily web-based rank tracker that focuses on accountability, ROI, and SERP performance inside of a sleek interface has changed the way we view and measure our data.

Check out Microsite Masters, you’ll be glad you did!

Microsite Masters: http://www.micrositemasters.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/micrositemaster

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