Wendy Villalobos

Wendy Villalobos

Wendy has been passionate about the written word for as long as she can remember. Her ambition for crafting stories and a unique voice in her writing was so strong, it led her to pursue her first degree from Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, CO. In 2006, she began her pursuit to becoming a writing and marketing professional as a freelancer and Content Manager for various markets and industries.

Through the years she also worked as a Copywriter and Editor, Content Coordinator, Academic Instructor. Her professional journey has opened her eyes in a way that has since elevated her writing expertise.

She is constantly on the hunt to continue improving because she believes a person, no matter how talented, can still learn even more to grow from a new experience.

Wendy’s strong sense of awareness when it comes to content is in part due to years of diligently following digital marketing trends. She has consistently observed crucial patterns in both the B2B and B2C realm, and is able to produce strong, clear and trustworthy content.

When Wendy isn’t busy slaying content dragons (what she refers to as writer’s block) she is typically enjoying the mountain air, hanging with her cat and husband or finding a new book to dive into.

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