Shaun Groomes

Shaun Groomes – VP

Shaun Groomes is an Internet Marketing veteran specializing in lead generation and direct response marketing. He brings experience in leadership, sales, and advertiser relations to The Link Builders.

Mr. Groomes found his start in the military where he served as a Korean linguist from 2002-2004 and a decorated combat Infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division from 2004-2007 deploying to Afghanistan in 2005 where he was involved in Operation Red Wings II (July) and security for President George W. Bush in Islamabad, Pakistan in February 2006.

Soon after leaving the military he discovered how to license products and bring them from conceptual ideas to the marketplace in 2008. After driving sales to those products on Google Adwords, he soon found his calling in direct response marketing.  In 2008, Mr. Groomes founded Hoplite Media, a direct response lead generation agency. Shaun Groomes has worked directly with numerous advertisers, affiliate networks and is responsible for the growth of two multi-million dollar products.

His favorite book is The Mission, The Men, and Me.

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