Haley Moore

Haley Moore

Haley Parler has been doing Search Marketing since college. While attending the University of South Carolina, Haley found herself drawn to marketing trends including social media marketing and search engine marketing. After college, she planned on attending law school.

When the opportunity to be a marketing intern at a local law firm appeared, Haley jumped on it, thinking it would be a great way to maximize her pursuit of her journalism degree, while at the same time gaining experience for law school. While interning at the law firm, Haley found her niche in search engine marketing and content generation. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Haley relocated to Charleston, SC and worked as a Marketing Assistant for a manufacturing company. While at the manufacturing company, Haley utilized her search engine and digital marketing strategies to revamp their marketing efforts, leading to over $16 million in sales.

After a few stints in sales, Haley returned to her roots and worked for a large-scale advertising and marketing agency in Charleston as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. She worked on local and e-commerce campaigns to help maximize search engine visibility for clients. With Haley’s help, clients saw record sales from organic search traffic.

In her free time, Haley enjoys Crossfit, as well as, spending time with her husband, and her bulldog.

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