Doug Godkin

Doug Godkin – CRO

Since a young age Doug has had the entrepreneurial mindset. Starting small businesses at the age of 12 and working through a variety of careers had given Doug a well rounded approach to how he views every opportunity. “You can learn from what you have been taught. Or you can find newer better ways to do things,” is a motto Doug follows to keep from getting stuck in the standard ways of conducting business.

Doug’s past life included 18 Years as a firefighter, owned several automotive businesses as well as educated as a Certified Executive Coach and a degree in Human Resources.

Doug has a unique gift of seeing opportunity and connecting the dots in business situations that has led to Millions of Dollars in unrealized potentials with the partners he works with. In the online space Doug’s passion is helping advertiser finding new marketing approaches for their products as well as helping build affiliate networks to take better approaches in how they manage their traffic and advertiser relationships.

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