International SEO, Specialized Focuses, & The Many Facets of SEO in 2018 September 9, 2018

What’s funny about time is that as you grow older, time seems to move faster. Tactics which once worked previously may have become obsolete and best practices for newer SEO tactics are still being defined. With a blink, we’re halfway through 2018.

I’ve been in the SEO space for the past 12 years (non-paid traffic + optimization) and have seen many algorithm updates, trends, and specialized focuses some SEO practitioners have run with to dominate their respective spaces.

When I look at this post I wrote back in 2011, it brings back fond memories and reinforces I’ve been on the right wave length for the better part of a decade.

I had a wonderful conversation earlier this week with a colleague I’ve known since 2011, Gabriella Saninno. Gabriella owns Level343, a San Francisco SEO Company who has been in the SEO industry for a while and has earned respect as someone who really knows her craft and established recognition through finding areas to specialize in.

During our conversation I realized we’re both excellent SEO practitioners but our day-to-day focuses are worlds apart in what we choose to specialize in.

For me, off-page link building and dominating the SERPs has always come natural. The more listings I can rank in the same SERP, the better.

The progression of that practice has led me toward focusing almost exclusively in the area of brand and reputation management as it relates to controlling the Page 1 on Google for a brand name or the first and last name of an individual.

Level343: International SEO Audits

When Gabriella told me one of her biggest focuses is international SEO audits for both clients and agencies, (working through Level343) I became curious.

I knew there was a need for those types of SEO services, but I had no idea who was actually providing them and what going down that path actually entails. Gabriella explained the complexities of the practice, noting the importance of having a team that is multilingual and understands the nuances of language as it relates to keyword targeting and content optimization.

Much like SEO practitioners who focus their career in optimizing local results, international SEO is a completely different animal which requires having a team who’s proficient in a variety of languages. Simply put, it’s not an offering every SEO company can provide in-house without having the proper resources at their fingertips.


Focus On Your Best, Outsource The Rest

The cool thing about being in the industry for so long is that you start developing a 6th sense and an understanding for who and which companies excel in certain areas.

For The Link Builders (my company) I want prospects, clients, other agencies, and fellow SEO practitioners to associate us with brand and reputation management as well as off-page optimization through the practice of link building.

We know the position we play and we play it to the best of our ability. We’re constantly looking to evolve through refining our processes, testing new approaches, and analyzing our successes so they can be duplicated and scaled.

Throughout the years we’ve come in touch with so many different types of clients which sometimes require services beyond our core expertise. Having relationships with other agencies allows us to be in a position to either let them oversee the focus with us running point or by passing the prospect over to them through an introduction.

When it comes to anything related to international SEO, passing clients directly to Level343 would be my approach. At the same time, should an opportunity come up related to brand / reputation management I’d like for The Link Builders to be in a position to receive those types of opportunities from other agencies.

2018: The Future & Beyond

For individuals and agencies who have been around for a while and developed a solid reputation in the industry, I see more and more of those outfits going deeper and becoming even better at one particular aspect of SEO that sets them apart from everyone else.

In 2018, (and beyond) specialization is a good thing for the industry and likely to give your outfit a competitive advantage when it comes to taking on new businesses.

There’s nothing wrong with having a general understanding of the ecosystem. In the SEO landscape we’re in today as search becomes more complex, specialization is key.

Nick Cuttonaro is an Online Reputation Management Expert and the President & Founder of The Link Builders, a leading rep management firm in the industry.

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Nick Cuttonaro

Nicholas Cuttonaro is an Internet Marketing professional specializing in search engine optimization, lead generation, and online reputation management.

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