Personal Protection

 Your personal reputation online is a key factor in your professional success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortably employed, looking for a new job, or running a successful multinational corporation — it can only help to have a strong, positive Internet presence, and it will only hurt to give off a bad online impression for the world to see.

Who is personal protection for?

Employees: You may think that because you’re secure at your job your online reputation doesn’t matter, but what happens when your superiors find an inappropriate post you made to your Facebook page several years ago and they decide that it would be a risk to promote you to a position with higher visibility? If they found out you have that type of baggage lurking on the Internet, just waiting to be discovered by the media, they would almost certainly decide to give the job to someone else with a better image instead.

Job Seekers: If you’re applying for a new job, wouldn’t it be great if, when the hiring manager searches for you, they find an extensive list of well-written blog posts you authored about topics related your field, as well as outstanding case studies that highlight your work? That would significantly increase your chances of being hired, whereas if the HR team discovered something incriminating instead it would raise doubts about whether or not you’d be a liability for their company and persuade them to choose someone else.

Key Executives: As a key executive, clients and employees are constantly evaluating your track record online before they decide to work with your company. Your business will benefit once you optimize your online reputation to make sure your best results and testimonials are what people find when they look you up instead of criticisms and negative reviews. After all, the clients and employees that your firm has to let go for being unreasonable usually are also the most vocal, and you don’t want that to impact future business opportunities.

How it works.

Our roots lie in search engine optimization, and we offer strategies to make sure that Google, Yahoo, and Bing show the results that are the best for your professional success.

Having problems with a criminal history or mugshots?

The Link Builders use a proprietary search engine rankings tracking system, Microsite Masters, to monitor your rankings daily and provide precise reporting that shows you exactly how your Personal Protection package is helping you keep your online image clean.

Don’t wait until your career starts to suffer!

Allow us help you protect and defend your personal reputation and increase the visibility of your most impressive professional achievements to help you drive your career forward.

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