Meetup202 – Baltimore Affiliate Marketing Group May 8, 2011


The Link Builders are excited to announce that we’ve taken the role of organizing all future Meetup202 events in Baltimore, MD. Simply stated, we’ve recognized the growing number of affiliates and Internet marketers in the area and have decided to step-up and take over the duties as meet up organizers. The monthly gatherings will take place at our offices located in Elkridge, Maryland.

We encourage attendees to take advantage of the networking opportunities that Meetup202 presents and share ideas with other like-minded individuals. We welcome people of all experience levels that have an interest in learning more about the performance based marketing industry.

Additionally, we’d like to extend our welcome to web designers, programmers, product developers, advertisers, call center operators, media buyers. etc. as supporting industry roles should also be recognized.


Meetup 202 – Baltimore Affiliate Marketing Group
Tuesday, May 10th 2011 at 7:00 PM


If you plan on attending the meetup202 baltimore event, please register today. The initial meetup will be held at our offices located in Elkridge, MD.

The Link Builders, LLC
6755 Business Parkway, Suite 403
Elkridge, MD 21075

Our evenings speaker (Robert Adler, The Link Builders) will be discussing organic affiliate strategies, traffic building, and conversion tracking. If you’re interested in speaking at future meet ups, please contact us if you’re interested. We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, May 10th, at 7:00 PM.

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Nick Cuttonaro

Nicholas Cuttonaro is an Internet Marketing professional specializing in search engine optimization, lead generation, and online reputation management.

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  1. Matt • May 15, 2011

    Nice office building... is that really where you guys are based out of? very nice, I like! Reply

  2. nick cuttonaro • May 15, 2011

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, that is where we are based out of. We appreciate your kind words. Thanks! Reply

  3. Jerry Riecke • September 8, 2011

    Spoke with Nick Cuttona, I will be attending the meeting on 9-13-2001 at 7:00 .Look forward to meeting other Affiliate Marketers,as I am new to the business. Reply

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