Is Tumblr Beneficial For SEO Campaigns? March 16, 2012

Social media has evolved in the past fifteen years. It started with Six Degrees, Friendster, and MySpace, matured to Facebook, and now has an even wider reach with YouTube, Twitter, social bookmarking sites, and Google+. With the simplicity of tweeting or updating your status, many times blogging and micro-blogging networks like Tumblr aren’t utilized as much as they could be.

The Tumblr Truth

As with any micro-blogging site, there are pros and cons of using Tumblr as a promotional tactic. Tumblr offers users flexibility when it comes to design and styling options. From selecting a layout to uploading high-resolution images, the creative side of Tumblr is one not many other micro-blogging sites offer.

URL structures (at times) can be considered “questionable” with respect to optimization, although keyword elements are strong and clean for categorization, as is tag usage. Tumblr also lets users enjoy posting in specific time zones and adding links, text, photos, video, audio, and chat features.

Is Tumblr useful for SEO campaigns?

Tumblr is a quick and easy way to upload visual content such as video and images as well as add short blog posts, descriptions and captions. It has an active community that is more than willing to repost quality content to their blogs or social profiles with a click of a button, distributing your posts and content to new users, who in turn, are likely to repost to their network of followers.

If your SEO strategy involves link building (as it should) then this should be a no-brainier. What Tumblr lacks in regards to integration with other micro-blogging platforms it makes up for with ease of user communication.

If your business has a Tumblr account use these tips to improve reach and visibility:

  • Enable the “allow search engines to index your blog” and “promote me on Tumblr”.
  • Allow your Tumblr to repost to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Include RSS to incorporate feeds from your other blogs.
  • When adding a “link post” add a description that contains a call to action.
  • Themes are customizable, allowing you to optimize descriptions, alt tags, keywords etc.
  • You can redirect your Tumblr URL to a domain of your choice at any time.
  • Search for other Tumblr blogs with tags related to your blog and follow them.
  • Be sure to include Twitter and Facebook profile links in the About section.
  • Add links to your money site or company blog in the footer or sidebar.
  • To better optimize your photos, upload them to text posts as opposed to photo posts.

Many of these tips can be made in the Advanced Settings area of your Tumblr blog. Tumblr might not be the greatest friend of Google, due to the lack of content depth in terms of post style, but it should still be considered a great link building and community building outlet to be used to enhance any well-rounded SEO campaign in addition to other social media platforms.

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