Increase SEO Conversions By Taking Optimization Elements Seriously February 27, 2011

Many Internet marketers have great ideas when it comes to building custom niche sites, creating monetization pathways, and maximizing earnings per click with unique strategies. After overcoming the initial hurdles of development, sometimes marketers lose sight of delivering long-term value by simplifying sales processes to enhance the user experience. As most Internet marketers have the affiliate mindset and focus on lead generation techniques, incorporating the methods below will help take your SEO campaign to the next level.

Branding: Many companies and lead generation sites overlook the importance of branding and the value a custom logo will bring in terms of conversions. Branding your offer or products with a targeted keyword may also generate additional traffic. Analyzing the logos of competitors in the niche should be the first step when creating a new logo for your brand or website.

Relay your discoveries to your favorite designer, outsourcing service, or crowdsourcing website such as 99Designs.com if you’re not a graphic designer. After achieving success with one lead generation website, scale efforts in the same niche or local area by creating multiple brands to add “artificial competition” in the market.

Phone Numbers: Providing users with a telephone number is a powerful lead generation tool. Most Internet marketers prefer not to speak with prospects, potential clients, or parties interested in purchasing goods or services. If speaking with and qualifying prospects by phone isn’t for you, there are many options that can be utilized.

Leads can be collected through voice mail and delivered to call centers or direct buyers. Incorporating a pay-per-call affiliate program to your monetization mix will drive inbound inquiries to a call center managed by the advertiser where the user will speak to a sales representative. Using phone numbers in your titles, keywords, and descriptions (when applicable) within an SEO campaign may yield conversions without requiring a user to even visit your site. Additionally, having a phone number visible on all pages (not just the contact page) may encourage users who are inclined to dial for more information.

Content: Is your web copy encouraging users to buy or inquire for more information? Does your website come across as “just another” lead generation site? Web users are savvier than ever before so putting them at ease is important. Using content to connect with users is critical to maximizing conversions and generating a consistent buzz around your offer from search, especially when targeting local markets.

Use images that demonstrate “proof of concept” to build trust with readers. If writing content that’s both keyword optimized and sales orientated is not your thing, find a copywriter to work with. There’s a huge difference between outsourcing content development for deep internal pages and articles used to promote your site. Developing a relationship with a skilled and reliable copywriter can take your business to the next level.

The Link Builders focus on optimization elements beyond the realm of link building as the performance and growth of micro sites around a niche or “money site” is both considered and deemed valuable for lead generation and sales purposes. While some properties are just dedicated to linking and passing authority, the importance of optimization elements from a web psychology perspective to compliment link building will create sustainable assets that can be sold or repurposed in the future. The ability to scale search engine presence in both local and national markets can be achieved when basic optimization methods are applied.

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Nick Cuttonaro

Nicholas Cuttonaro is an Internet Marketing professional specializing in search engine optimization, lead generation, and online reputation management.

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