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The key to closing more sales is being in front of the right consumer, with the right message, at the right time.

Online marketing and the sophisticated segmentation and tracking that it allows has brought marketers to a new frontier in advertising. For the first time in history, brands can drill down and match specific customers with specific advertisements based on highly detailed behavioral and demographic information. This means that consumers are seeing ads that are more relevant to them than ever before, and the brands who are able to match their promotions to their target audiences the best are seeing astounding increases in sales, revenues, and profits.

Brands that don’t struggle, while the brands that do celebrate success with champagne toasts.

The new era of online advertising: Retargeting ads.

To understand the power of this new kind of highly targeted advertising, imagine you are shopping for a new vendor for your business. You’ll probably start by searching online and asking people you know for recommendations. From there you’ll most likely visit the websites for the businesses that looked the most promising to gather information. After that, chances are you’ll spend some time weighing your options, evaluating the pros and cons, and reading reviews on other sites about your front-runners before making a selection.

Now think about how beneficial it would be if your brand could influence this prospect’s purchasing decision in your favor by continuing to make an impression on him after he leaves your site, all the way until he makes his selection. With retargeting ads you can do just that.

If you’re running retargeting ads, when a person visits your website a tracking cookie is left which identifies that they’ve been to your site — and it can even tell what products they viewed while they were there! As this person continues to browse the Internet, other sites where you have purchased retargeted ads will recognize that this person has visited your site (because of the cookie) and those sites will show the prospect a targeted ad promoting your brand.

For example, if you run an online clothing store and someone browsed your selection of shirts, you could show this person ads with a special offer to purchase shirts from you on other sites as they surf the web. Someone who looked at your pants selection could see a completely different set of ads with an offer on pants. Matching your ads to exactly what your target audience desires is a surefire way to increase sales, and we can execute this for you.

How it works.

We will work with you to increase your brand’s visibility within your core target demographics. We start by identifying who your most profitable prospects are and where they actively consume content online to create your ideal customer profile. After that, we identify the most effective messages for converting prospects who match this profile into paying customers.

From there we will work within your budget to execute an efficient, cost-effective media campaign that engages this audience and generates a strong return on investment. We are experts in all types of online advertising, from paid search ads like Google AdWords, to online banner display networks, to advertising on popular social media sites, and we will custom-tailor our approach for your individual business goals, objectives, and audience composition.

Significantly increase your conversion rate with new sales!

Let us help you dramatically increase your company’s sales by getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. What are you waiting for? Email us to get started!

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