How Advertisers, Users, and Affiliates Use Pinterest March 2, 2012

This past Tuesday affiliate marketers, sales reps, publishers, and SEO professionals got together at the Buy.at office in Baltimore to discuss one of the hottest topics in SEO and social media today: Pinterest.

In addition to discussing Pinterest, everyone at the meeting entered their names to win a DVD of the Affiliate Summit West 2012 conference sessions. Nick Cuttonaro, Vice President of The Link Builders, won the DVD set, but promised to bring it back at next month’s meeting to share with others.

Pinterest is an image sharing and bookmarking site used by individuals all over the world. The big news lately has been on how affiliate markers, merchants, and SEO professionals can use their spike in popularity to develop ways to promote offers or monetize.

Amy Ely, ecommerce acquisition manager at Under Armour, put together a PowerPoint presentation on Pinterest and how different users can best use this new social media site.

Highlights from Pinterest Presentation

Social Elements: Pinterest is as simple to share as Facebook or Twitter. Once a log-in is created one can place the Pinterest icon on any blog next to other social sharing icons to reach broader audiences.

Why Consumers Use Pinterest?: Inspiration! Many people follow their friends, as well as strangers, to find inspiration for recipes, travel ideas, clothing combinations, a good quote, craft ideas, etc.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest: A lot of controversy has been surrounding the business relationship between Pinterest and Skimlinks. Amy and other participants of the Meetup discussed how some users pinned an item that has a pre-existing affiliate link and Pinterest used Skimlinks to swap out the original for its own.

In some cases, if an affiliate link was not present Pinterest would add one without the consent of the user. Pinterest is no longer working with Skimlinks as they are currently reassessing their monetization strategy.

Advertiser Benefits of Pinterest: Pinterest is a great tool for advertisers to get a close look at what customers like and repin. A company can follow those who pin their images, as well as figure out what products are the most popular. There is also a gift section where advertisers can showcase their products with pricing on the actual image.

Advertisers are also using Pinterest to gain followers by promoting pin competitions. Lands’ End challenged users to create a pin board of their favorite Lands’ End items. Winners received a $250.00 gift card.

Copyrights: What about copyrighted images? What about retail sites whose images are not pin-able? What about websites that simply do not want their images pinned on Pinterest? Amy discussed many ethical questions concerning Pinterest; Rob Adler and Adam Riemer discussed how images should not be direct-linked to an affiliate offer but could rather link to a landing page.

Rob also discussed the idea of watermarking images with copyrights like stock photo websites.

Helpful Pinterest Resources

Pinterest 101 Video: http://bit.ly/pinterestvideo
Pinterest Media Deck by Shauna Causey
: http://www.slideshare.net/ShaunaCausey/pinterest-2012

Thanks to everyone who came to this month’s Meetup; we hope to see more in March! To see what’s happening in your local area, visit the Affiliate Summit Meetup page.

If there isn’t a group in your local area – start one today!

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