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We’re the company you call when “the best” isn’t cutting it anymore. Our team has years of experience addressing negative listings on Google. Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of reach.

ComplaintsBoard.com Listing – 1st Page to no longer ranking on Google
Negative Review Website – 1st Page to Position #100 on Google
ComplaintWire.org Listing – 1st Page to Position #98 on Google
Scambook.com Listing – 2nd Page to Position #50 on Google
Slander Listing – Dropped to #10 on Google from 1st Position
Georgia.Arrests.org – Dropped to #11 on Google from 4th Position
Vendetta Website – Dropped to #24 on Google from 2nd Position
SarasotaFloridaMugshots.com – 2nd Page to no longer ranking on Google


Site Design for SEO – Page Layout, Rankings, and “Above the Fold” Content

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Robert Adler has been in the affiliate space for about 6 years. He runs campaigns organically for CPA, CPS, and eCommerce.

Affiliate Summit Confirmed Speakers

“WOW! SEO Dojo Radio is One yr. old! SEO Training Community and Podcasts Online

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The speakers name was Robert Adler and theme of was that if you want to rank well on Google for competitive keywords you need to employ aggressive link building.

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Adler started his session with a definition of link building that was different than what is normally thought of in the SEO community.

Link Building with Robert Adler

Candid advice for exhibitors representing their company at the Affiliate Summit conference.

How to Pitch Your Company

The Link Builders took care of me and got done what I needed them to do in the week while I was there.

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I agree with Rob who stated the question – depends which category you are looking into. Funnily enough I believe Rob falls into both.

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