Business Brand Protection

Your brand’s online reputation is among your company’s most valuable assets.

Before every type of purchase these days, from mundane household supplies to big-ticket electronics, consumers gather information online before making decisions. The information they find about you or your brand online has more influence than almost anything else today.

Why your online reputation matters.

If your prospects find a plethora of five-star reviews, glowing testimonials, and passionate success stories, it’s going to cause an increased number of them to purchase — and it will probably boost the size of their orders as well. If, on the other hand, they find anything more than the occasional, cursory criticism, it’s going to raise doubts in their minds and possibly push them to a competitor who has a better online reputation.

Hide the negatives and promote the positives.

Your business has insurance for its office space, liability, and maybe even other things. And none of them even contributes to growing your company’s revenue! So how come you don’t have insurance for your company’s most valuable asset — its online reputation?

With Business Brand Protection from The Link Builders, you will have peace of mind that your brand is secure from negative publicity and harmful online commentary. There are plenty of cautionary tales where one negative viral story is all it takes to sink a brand forever, even for large companies with significant resources, but with Business Brand Protection you can rest assured that your company’s online image will be safe.

Our comprehensive brand management strategy is not just defensive. In addition to helping you clean up negative stories and prevent them from spreading, we also work to rearrange the narrative about your company online so that the most supportive reviews and search results are the ones that people find first where the negative is either suppressed or removed.

How it works.

Let us step in the ring on your behalf! Our roots lie in search engine optimization, and we offer a full array of both on- and off-page tactics to help make sure that Google, Yahoo, and Bing show the results that are the best for your business. We also monitor and direct the conversation about your company on social media, blogs, review websites, and more.

In addition to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, The Link Builders uses a proprietary system, Microsite Masters, to track your rankings on a daily basis and provide precise reporting on ROI that’s easy to understand and shows you exactly how your Business Brand Protection is helping boost your bottom line. We are also 100% committed to setting realistic expectations for clients, and we’re not going to promise anything we can’t deliver.

Don’t wait until you or your company falls victim.

Let us help you protect your reputation and increase the visibility of your most flattering online coverage to drive more business for your brand. Email us for a quote today and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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