Brand Positioning

Build an online brand that stands out in even the most crowded markets.

It’s harder than ever for online businesses to make a lasting impression today, and tomorrow it will be even more challenging. If you add up the amount of online information created from the beginning of time until 2003, it is the same amount of data that we create in just 2 days now!

All of that competition means it’s hard to get people on your site, and even harder to make them remember you after they leave. But having a strong brand changes that. Not only will your prospects remember you, they will feel an increased level of trust that pulls them towards making a purchase with each new interaction they have with your company.

Nothing will sink a business faster than branding mistakes.

Do you know what you call someone who says one thing and then does another? A hypocrite.

Unfortunately the same standards apply to businesses. If your company presents one image in its advertisements, and then shows a different personality on its webpage, it will repel your target audience just like a person who displays the inconsistent behavior of a hypocrite. This is why branding and message delivery is vitally important to your company’s success.

If your company presents conflicting images in its online content, your audience will label your business or brand with one word — “Liars.” That’s because, if you present two different images or messages, then that means at best one of them is true and the other is false. Many of your prospects will assume if you’re willing to lie about one thing, what would stop your brand from making up both of the images you present? Most times this happens unconsciously for brands.

The value of a strong online brand is that it quiets the doubts your audience may have by leveraging consistent language, images, colors, and other cues that create bonds of trust.

How we can help.

For many companies, branding can seem like an abstract concept that is hard to correlate to improved business performance. At The Link Builders, we take a data-driven approach to building online brands that stand out in even the most crowded fields and help you make a lasting, trusted impression with your target audience.

Our talented team of designers and developers can help you perfect your company’s online image. We can help you create a complete style that includes a logo, color palette, typography, imagery, language, tone-of-voice direction, and more.

We can work with you to develop a website that powerfully communicates your brand message to visitors, and our background in Search Engine Optimization will help ensure that it gets the rankings it deserves on search engines.

Increased trust leads to increased demand and revenue!

Let us help you boost your company’s revenues by increasing recognition, trust, and demand for your products and services. Please email us for a quote today or to learn more!

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