Baltimore Affiliate Summit Meetup – January 2012 February 1, 2012


The Buy.at team located in downtown Baltimore opened their doors once again last night for an educational and fun spirited Baltimore Affiliate Summit Meetup.

Instead of one primary speaker giving a presentation, this meetup was more relaxed and had a round-table feel. Almost everyone present had attended the Affiliate Summit West conference in Vegas earlier in January, so the topic mainly revolved around sharing everyone’s experiences from Affiliate Summit.

The results were varied, but everyone agreed there were many great things about Affiliate Summit and some things that could be done to make the conference even better.


  • Many of the individuals at this Meetup had been to Affiliate Summit’s held in the past and understand the value of their time. Head of Publishers at Buy.at Kim Salvino said planning meetings before Affiliate Summit allowed her productivity to increase as opposed to telling people to meet her at the booth which is always busy. Kim scheduled meetings in conference rooms and was better able to engage her associates during those meetings.
  • Due to the more subdued nature of the West vs. East Affiliate Summits, most found it easier to spend quality time with associates in Vegas to form more personal business relationships.


To be Improved:

  • Rob Adler, a presenter at Affiliate Summit West, made note of the challenges he experienced during the Q&A period of his session. The format for responding to tweets appearing on the screen and disappearing as quickly as they appeared made it challenging for Rob and other presenters to answer the questions coming in from audience members.

After Affiliate Summit West had been discussed, the conversation turned to industry practices of affiliate marketing. The general consensus was that affiliate marketing in the United States (as opposed to European countries) sometimes has a negative reputation when compared to more traditional marketing methods. A question and response format ensued, ranging from ideas about creating more regulations for affiliate networks, to what would/could be accomplished by completely illegalizing adware and other marketing channels that are considered aggressive in nature.

Note: To help promote the good name of affiliate marketing please tweet using the hashtag #fbame (for the betterment of affiliate marketing everywhere). For more information read For the Betterment of Affiliate Marketing Everywhere #FBAME.

The Affiliate Summit Meetups in Baltimore take place every month at the Buy.at office and we encourage Internet marketers, web designers, programmers, product developers, advertisers, media buyers, etc. as well as other agency members, publishers, and SEO professionals to attend. The group welcomes people of all experience levels that have an interest in learning more about the performance based marketing industry.

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