Why Use b2evolution When WordPress Has Taken Over The CMS Market? March 23, 2012

If there’s a new blog in town, chances are you can make three guesses as to which CMS it’s on and you’ll guess correctly on your first try. WordPress has taken over the blogging industry in such a way that everyone from first time bloggers to million dollar companies are using WordPress for content management. In fact, WordPress.com hosts around 72,223,889 sites and as of August 2011, it’s estimated to host over 22% of all new websites! Other content management…

Is Tumblr Beneficial For SEO Campaigns? March 16, 2012

Social media has evolved in the past fifteen years. It started with Six Degrees, Friendster, and MySpace, matured to Facebook, and now has an even wider reach with YouTube, Twitter, social bookmarking sites, and Google+. With the simplicity of tweeting or updating your status, many times blogging and micro-blogging networks like Tumblr aren’t utilized as much as they could be. The Tumblr Truth As with any micro-blogging site, there are pros and cons of using Tumblr as a promotional tactic….

How Advertisers, Users, and Affiliates Use Pinterest March 2, 2012

This past Tuesday affiliate marketers, sales reps, publishers, and SEO professionals got together at the Buy.at office in Baltimore to discuss one of the hottest topics in SEO and social media today: Pinterest. In addition to discussing Pinterest, everyone at the meeting entered their names to win a DVD of the Affiliate Summit West 2012 conference sessions. Nick Cuttonaro, Vice President of The Link Builders, won the DVD set, but promised to bring it back at next month’s meeting to…

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