Social Marketing Trends in 2012 December 28, 2011

The world of search and social marketing is massive. In addition, it’s ever-changing. The new hot social media platform for local business development might be Facebook today, then Google+ tomorrow (although I’m still a bit fuzzy on how Google+ is going to help businesses earn sales or traffic). Despite 2011 being another hard year in terms of the economy, social marketing trends continued to grow and rise, birthing new ways to spread news about your website, as well as new…

The Link Builders Welcome Melissa Rubin December 19, 2011

Melissa Rubin is the Marketing Coordinator at The Link Builders. Ms. Rubin handles the day-to-day operations of running client campaigns and manages vendor communications. Additionally, she was asked to direct the company’s social media campaign. Her passion and insight with respect to social media has allowed The Link Builders social presence to reach new audiences with the focus of engaging new clients, agencies, and re-sellers. Ms. Rubin has a B.A. degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park….

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